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Zach’s Experience At SIM GE Helped Him Grow His Skills To Become His Bank’s Top Performer.

Zach’s experience at SIM GE helped him grow his skills to become his bank’s top performer. - Banner Image

Driving himself to excel in his career of choice

Equipped with his Manchester Bachelor’s degree (Honours) at SIM Global Education, Zach was a top performing Business Banking Manager at his previous job. But that didn’t stop him from aiming higher. He switched to his current job at an international bank. Together with the mix of soft and hard skills he picked up during his SIM GE experience, Zach gained the confidence to become one of the top performing Relationship Managers at Standard Chartered for 2014.

He shares how SIM GE helped him cultivate a global mindset and prepared him to take the next step in his career.

On having both overseas lecturers and local tutors

“Overseas lecturers brought their international perspectives and examples to share with us. Tutorials, on the other hand, were held by local tutors who used local case studies. That made it easier for us to relate with the lessons at hand. Overall, that gave me a more complete and diverse understanding of the subject.”

On how his learning experience helped him grow

“At SIM GE, it was an open and engaging environment. I picked up lot of knowledge on business concepts and that gave me more confidence in my expertise when I engage with clients.”

On what it means to be Global Ready

“It means an education that exposes you to different worlds, helping you to gain the right knowledge and mindset. This builds confidence. And with confidence, a person who is Global Ready can take any opportunity that comes along.”

Zach is now working as a Business Development Manager, Commercial Bank in Maybank. (Updated in May 2015)


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