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A Passion For Putting People First

A Passion For Putting People First

Bringing out the best in others has always been something that is close to Shieromie Anuusha Dias’ (pictured above) heart. Her passion led her to embark on a career in Human Resources (HR) as a Senior Associate (Staffing for Nurses, Patient Care Assistants) at the Singapore General Hospital. As she undergoes her BSc (Hons) Management (Human Resources) programme at SIM-University of Manchester, she believes that the course will give her the competitive edge in excelling in her profession. Shieromie shares more about how the programme has given her an added advantage at her workplace.

Driven By Her Passion

“Ever since I was young, I have had the desire to motivate people. This is partly because my parents, although regimental in ensuring discipline, have always lent a helping hand to anyone in need and always ensured that my siblings and I were given equal opportunities to pursue our dreams. Hence, when I discovered the Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology course at Singapore Polytechnic (SP), I realised that it matched my desire to develop and help people which I eventually did.

“HR is an interesting subject which covers not only staff recruitment and performance appraisals, but in this new age, it involves managing team development, handling industrial negotiations, developing strategies, and employee communications and motivation.”

Through A Different Lens

“The University of Manchester (UOM) is one of the great overseas universities, I made my decision (choice of university) with ease. This course has provided me with knowledge that is beyond HR that I can apply in my workplace. I am glad to be currently pursuing the degree that I wanted."

“I have to say that there are plenty of lessons learnt and new knowledge gained from this course. It has definitely changed the way I look at tasks given at work and enabled me to think more critically which is important in the HR field. I have still yet to learn the full spectrum of the course which I am excited about.”

Striving For Excellence

“At work, I am fortunate to have an excellent team that always motivates me and provides me with the right tools to grow and learn more about HR."

“As much as I would love to be a Generalist in HR, I want to specialise in learning and development and become a staff motivator and trainer."

“I want to be able to develop employee skills which in turn may help them achieve much higher goals. It would be satisfying to devise proper training programmes for staff to improve productivity which would benefit the company and themselves. This is the goal that I have set for myself to achieve in the near future when I graduate.”

Posted online, 13 July 2017