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Dreaming Big For The Future

Dreaming Big For The Future
Christianto (pictured right) with Ms Peggy Lim, Assistant Chief Executive, SIM Global Education at the SIM GE PAL Leaders Appreciation Lunch event.

“It is not as simple as it seems and there is always something new to expand on when it comes to existing theories,” says SIM-University Of London (UOL) graduate, Christianto, as he describes his passion for Economics.

His interest in the subject was first sparked during his Diploma in Management studies (DMS) at SIM.

“When I first joined SIM, I had no prior knowledge in any business-related studies. That made me decide to take up the DMS as it had a variety of modules in different areas of business studies. After studying these modules, I felt that Economics was what interested me the most. So, I chose to pursue my degree studies in Economics and Finance at UOL,” he adds.

His fascination with Economics continued to grow during the course of his degree studies. Though there were challenges in meeting the demands of a rigorous programme, Christianto was able to overcome them through sheer determination and a strong will to succeed.

“My biggest challenge was in the second year of the UOL programme. I had a very weak background in ‘Statistics’ and I was required to pick the ‘Statistics 2’ and ‘Elements of Econometrics’ modules in the same year. Most students complete the Statistics 2 module for a good foundation prior to taking up the Econometrics module. As I had to study both modules at the same time, I worked doubly hard and scored First Class grades for both modules. This was a boost to my confidence as I embarked on the final year of the programme,” he says.

Beyond focusing on his studies, Christianto was also determined to help his fellow students. He volunteered as a Peer-Assisted Learning Leader and coached others in Microeconomics.

He explains, “The reason I decide to become a PAL leader in Microeconomics was to help other students enjoy learning economics and equip them with the mindset and knowledge to perform well in this subject as some students may find economics daunting in the beginning.”

As an international student, Christianto also involved himself in the SIM Indonesian Community (InSIM) where Indonesian students come together to bond and organise fun activities. One of his most memorable experiences during his time at the club was participating in the musical 'InSight'.

“I participated in InSight as a dancer. I have never danced for a performance before in my life, making this a new and unique experience for me! Through this experience, I also learned more about the importance of teamwork, coordination and the dedication you need. This helped us to deliver the best performance as a team,” he quips.

Christianto has big dreams for the future. He hopes to pursue a career in the finance industry and do his part in contributing to his country’s economic growth.

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Posted online, 22 September 2017