Preparatory Course for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Examination


ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants, aiming to offer business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management.

For the purpose of preparing students to meet the admission criteria for the MSc Professional Accountancy, SIM runs classes to assist students to take their Professional Examinations with ACCA.

Please take note that ACCA is redesigning its Professional level studies, P1 - P3 to Strategic Professional examinations with effect from September 2018.

The two professional exam papers are:

  1. Strategic Business Leader (or the equivalent of P1, Governance, Risk and Ethics and P3, Business Analysis)
  2. Strategic Business Reporting (or the equivalent of P2, Corporate Reporting)

Fundamental Short Courses 

SIM Global Education runs two short courses in Singapore Law and Singapore Tax.

The Singapore Law course qualifies for exemption from ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law (Singapore). The Singapore Tax course attains exemption from ACCA F6 Taxation (Singapore). SIM-UOL graduates from 2012 onwards are welcome to apply. Please write to for more details.

Awarded by:

Course Start Date & End Date

Oct 2018 intake for Strategic Business Leader

Course starts: Oct 2018

Course ends: June 2019

ACCA exam will be held in June 2019.


Overall estimation: S$5,750*

* The fee above is valid for 2018 October intake only. See section on Fees for breakdown

Application Fee applies

All fees inclusive of prevailing GST


e-Application is closed for SBL October 2018 intake.

ACCA Silver Learning Partner


For the purpose of preparing students to meet the admission criteria for the MSc Professional Accountancy, SIM runs classes to assist students to take their Professional Examinations with ACCA.

The two Strategic Professional Essential papers that will lead students to the MSc are:
Strategic Business Leader
Strategic Business Reporting

These papers are awarded and developed by ACCA, UK.


Module Outline

Strategic Business Leader (or the equivalent of P1, Governance, Risk and Ethics and P3, Business Analysis)

The new syllabus acts as a substantial integrated examination which combines the main functions of business in the context of strategic leadership. It sets the other essentials and option exams into a wider professional, organisational and societal context and requires the candidate to take a leadership approach to analysing the business situation to provide and implement appropriate, effective and sustainable solutions.

Assessment: 100% four-hour written examination

Strategic Business Reporting (or the equivalent of P2, Corporate Reporting)

The new syllabus is to discuss, apply and evaluate the concepts, principles and practices that underpin the preparation and interpretation of corporate reports in various contexts including the ethical assessment of managements; stewardship and the information needs of a diverse group of stakeholders.

Assessment: 100% three-hour written examination

To find out more about the changes and exam details for each paper stated above, please click HERE.

Delivery Mode

1 or 2 three-hour lecture(s) per week for each ACCA modules over an average of 30 weeks.

Candidature Period

Minimum period per paper: 9 months

Maximum period: 7 years

The modular SIM classes will allow students to pace themselves and complete each paper within 9 months or two papers within a minimum of 18 months.

Minimum Class Size

Minimum class size to commence: 25 students. Students will be informed within one month prior to class commencement if the programme fails to commence due to low take up rate.

Sample of October 2018 part-time class schedule

Admission Criteria

In order to embark for the Professional level papers, applicant must meet the following criteria:

1. An active ACCA student member*

2. Passed all or gained exemptions approved by ACCA from the Fundamentals level F1 to F9 papers OR

3. Have entered the last Fundamentals level examination before applying to SIM. He / she should submit the evidence, Confirmation of Registration of ACCA Exam during application.

*if you are a SIM-UOL or SIM-RMIT final year student, do write to to check if you are eligible for any formal benefits before you proceed to apply as an ACCA student member.

English Proficiency Requirement

You will meet the English language requirement if you have one of the following:

• Have passed the English version of ACCA F1 to F9 papers (or gained exemption by completion of an English-medium undergraduate degree approved by ACCA like the University of London or RMIT University degrees)

Your application will be forwarded to ACCA for admission criteria verification and programme eligibility confirmation.

Overall estimated fee: S$5,750 *

All fees inclusive of prevailing GST

Application Fee applies

Breakdown of Estimated Fees

Fees payable to SIM

SIM Programme Fees (per module, includes Revision)

  1. Strategic Business Leader: S$2,033
  2. Strategic Business Reporting: S$1,326.80

Total: S$3,359.80

All fees inclusive of prevailing GST

Fees payable to ACCA

ACCA initial registration fee: £79

ACCA annual subscription fee: £97

ACCA F1 - F9 fundamental papers' exemption fees:

  1. Applied Knowledge exams, F1 - F3 papers: £74 (per paper)
  2. Applied Skills exams, F4 - F9 papers: £100 (per paper)

ACCA Strategic Professional Essential papers' exam fees (standard entry):

  1. Strategic Business Leader: £190 (per paper)
  2. Strategic Business Reporting: £132 (per paper)

Total ACCA Fees: £1320 (CLICK HERE for more details about ACCA fees and charges)

 * These are estimated amounts as ACCA fees are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and to a fee increase.

SIM-UOL and RMIT final year students are welcome to apply for ACCA exemption fee waiver (terms and conditions apply). Please write to for more details.

Miscellaneous fees

Revision fee for Preparatory course for ACCA examination (only when you have failed the subject with SIM): S$481.50 (per module)

 All fees inclusive of prevailing GST





Please refer to ACCA exemptions for more details.

Teaching Faculty

The lecturers teaching these modules are drawn from a pool who have good track records in delivering results for professional accountancy examinations.

Lecturers & their Teaching Modules

Average teacher-student ratio for full-time – 1:25

Assessment & Progression 

Each ACCA Professional paper is examined by a written examination set by ACCA Global. ACCA will send the results to its students' myACCA account and no ACCA award will be issued for the passing of each Professional level examination. There is no particular order required for the ACCA modules and no pre-requisites.

SIM will help students to pace themselves. While the University of London permits students who have not completed professional level paper to embark on the University of London modules as part of the postgraduate certificate programme, SIM will ask that students complete the 1st two Professional level papers before progressing to Pathway 1 of the MSc degree programme. 

For more details about UOL MSc degree programme, please CLICK HERE

Attendance requirement

Although there is no minimum attendance requirement stipulated by SIM and ACCA, students are encouraged to attend all classes.