SIM –NIE Programme Certificate Presentation Ceremony

22 May 2013 marked the second certificate presentation ceremony for the SIM –NIE Professional Development Programme in Higher Education Teaching. 28 lecturers received their SIM GE Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at this event.

This Programme is a critical element in the SIM Global Education Academic Staff Development Framework established in April 2010. Developed in partnership with the National Institute of Education (NIE), the Programme aims to provide pedagogical skills to lecturers for the enhancement of classroom teaching and effective facilitation of learning and assessment functions.

Since the inaugural intake, a total of 128 lecturers have enrolled; out of which 66 have already graduated. The remaining have gone through the basic levels and will be continuing with the advanced classes in the coming months. Participants commented that the Programme has helped them link theory with practice, and many have also benefited from the insightful sharing of fellow lecturers. Dr. Teo Kah Beng, representing the graduates, indicated in his speech during the ceremony that the personal reflection exercise sharpened his teaching practices and the lesson observation experience highly relevant.

In recognition that lecturers play a key role in delivering quality programmes, the Teaching and Learning Division will be organizing other professional development programmes to further raise the competency levels of lecturers in specific areas such as managing student diversity, engaging students in large classes and facilitating technology enhanced learning.