SIM GE Education Conference 2016

(image) ed conf 2016

About 100 lecturers, guests and SIM staff attended the sixth SIM Global Education (SIM GE) Annual Education Conference on 22nd October 2016 at SIM HQ. The theme was on ‘Gamification and Game-Based Learning: Higher Education Possibilities’ 

This year, four speakers and researchers from higher education institutions in Singapore shared how they have taken advantage of games and play elements to engage students effectively. Dr Ashley Tan began his session with keynote: ‘Don't Play Games with Gamification’. He distinguished between the concepts of game-based learning (GBL) and gamification, and provided practical considerations and strategies to create greater course empowerment and ownership. 

Three other speakers from SMU, NUS and NTU offered practical insights from their research and teaching experience. A/P Seow Poh Sun from SMU, shared his experience in developing a mobile-gaming app ‘Accounting Challenge (ACE)’, and how it enhances the experience of learning accounting outside the classroom by engaging students to play and learn on the go. A/P Ben Leong from NUS demonstrated how he successfully employed game design principles to develop a learning management system to automate assignment grading while improving student engagement. Lastly, A/P Patrick Williams from NTU provided research data to outline the rationale of using games in the classroom with and without technology. The conference concluded with a panel discussion to summarise and address queries on gamification and game-based learning.