SIM GE Lecturer Professional Development

SIM GE’s full time academic staff and associate lecturers play a key role in delivering quality education to students. In view of this, lecturers are offered professional development opportunities in pedagogy, individual domain areas and educational technology to enhance their teaching effectiveness and to develop evidence-based practices in the classroom and beyond. In addition to programme specific training facilitated by respective partner universities, the Teaching and Learning Division (TLD) organises an array of cross-disciplinary and customised professional development activities, these include:

  • New associate lecturer orientation
  • LEAP workshop series
  • Instructional Leader Scheme
  • SIM-NIE Professional Development Programme in Higher Education Teaching
  • E-learning courseware development & LMS workshops
  • Professional Competency Development Series of talks and workshops
  • Annual education conference
  • Annual Management Lecture

To encourage excellence and continued innovation in teaching and learning, lecturers who have demonstrated exemplary teaching practices are recognised at our Annual Faculty Appreciation dinner. Two categories of awards are given to deserving members of the SIM GE Academic Community annually, namely, the Teaching Excellence Award and the Teaching Merit Award

The Instructional Leaders (IL) Scheme was established to support new associate lecturers transitioning into the SIM GE context with the guidance of a mentor.  SIM GE recognises that many associate lecturers come with substantial industry and teaching experience. However, different skill sets and teaching approaches may be necessary due to the unique student profile and curriculum structure across different programmes within the institution.

Research has shown that mentoring improves the quality of student engagement and instructional practice in beginning teachers (Stanulis & Floden, 2009).  New lecturers can take advantage of the IL Scheme to quickly acclimatise to the academic community and institutional culture through a mentoring relationship with an experienced lecturer.

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