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SIM GE Crowned Champions At Inaugural JOS Innovation Awards

SIM GE Crowned Champions At Inaugural JOS Innovation Awards
Eric van der Hoeven, Chief Executive Officer, JTH Group (extreme left) and Dr. Gog Soon Joo, Group Director, Training Partners Group and Chief Research Officer, SkillsFuture Singapore Agency, with SIM GE students Gerald Lim (second from left) and James Ong (extreme right).

SIM GE students Gerald Lim and James Ong did the institution proud by clinching the top prize at the inaugural JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17 held at the The Arts House, Singapore on 3 March 2017.

The event which was organised by JOS, one of Asia’s leading IT services and solutions providers, is a competition for full-time polytechnic and university students in Singapore to dream of technology-driven ideas for modern day problems and design practical solutions enabled by technology. Students are then required to deliver their solutions in the form of writing and presentation to a panel of judges made up of business leaders.

Working as a team, James (BSc [Honours] in Accounting and Finance) and Gerald (BSc [Honours] in Business Management) who are both students of SIM-University of London, saw off nine other teams from local polytechnics and universities in the final round. The finalists worked under the mentorship and guidance of JOS executives. In total, the competition attracted 80 team submissions from all public polytechnics and universities as well as several private universities.

“JOS is proudly committed to nurturing the next generation of Singapore innovators. This is not simply a one-day event but a holistic programme that expands students’ horizons by giving them exposure to the working world and expert mentorship. Under the leadership and guidance of JOS experts, student teams build upon their innovations they’ve dreamt up and hone their presentation skills. There is a unique opportunity for two-way learning-students receive nurturing mentorship and inspiration from JOS, while we learn from the outlooks and aspirations of young people today,” said Ms Jenny Pong, Group Director for Human Resources at JOS’s managing group.

As part of the company’s talent acquisition strategy, identified candidates will also be invited for internships and graduate trainee programmes.

To address the lack of peer-to-peer interaction for online shopping, the SIM GE team designed ‘CartShare’, a platform for users to interact, while shopping with friends and family. Ultimately, it provides a hassle-free shopping experience. For their winning project, Gerald and James bagged $7,000 in prize money and internship opportunities at JOS.

On joining the competition, James shared, "I thought it would be a good learning journey and it would be something that forces me to step out of my comfort zone to learn more about myself. In addition, I found a like-minded friend (Gerald) who thought the same. So, I thought to myself, why not give this a shot and see where this takes us."

As for Gerald, he believes the competition has been a valuable experience and he hopes that the team’s win will inspire other SIM GE students. “It was fairly demanding, given that there were only two of us, compared to other teams that had up to five people...we were fortunate to receive valuable feedback from the various SIM staff from the Teaching and Learning Division and the Career Development Office as well as our lecturers who helped fine-tune our idea. The journey of starting from scratch, and working our way up to a feasible solution that is recognised by our peers and highly validated by the judges, made us feel that our work can truly create a win-win solution for everyone. To add on, this is the first time I have participated in a case competition, so being the champion team is extra significant to me.

“It still feels surreal that a team from a private university, emerged as champions against teams from more established institutions. I hope that our students will be inspired by our perseverance and realise that there are countless opportunities everywhere - we just have to look in the right places and grab every opportunity. With further guidance and support from the school to groom our students, I am certain we will not be the last to accomplish this,” he said.

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Posted online 09 March 2017