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Foresight Episode 1

Foresight Episode 1

SIM’s Foresight is a five-part series that uncovers cutting-edge insights on education’s emerging trends and challenges and seeks to address the critical questions of today to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing landscape and meet the demands of tomorrow.

In episode one, the panellists discussed on the topic of ‘Success Beyond Grades: Do school rankings and brand names matter?’ Here are key points that they raised during the discussion.


Foresight Episode 1 

Is An Online Education Sufficient ?

“When you think about the student, at 18 years old you go to college and all you get is an online education, would that be very miserable? I think we go to college not just for learning, we also want to interact and have a good experience. And it’s not just fun, it’s also learning a lot of new skills- life skills that are very useful in the future.”

Fixing The Focus

“There is a problem when we think of opportunities as a zero-sum game. When there is a notion of scarcity-in terms of jobs, the focus is on the fight to get to the top. But when people believe that there is enough opportunity in this world for everybody, then the focus is on how we can get each person to perform to their maximum potential.”

Finding Happiness In What You Do

“Happiness is doing what you like to do and if you’re doing what you like to do, you probably will be good at it…. When you enjoy what you’re doing and you’re happy, you’re successful, the people who you serve, the people that you work with can also sense that happiness.”

Dr Lee Kwok Cheong, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Institute of Management Holdings


Foresight Episode 1

On Lifelong Learning

“Today’s graduates will probably have two or three or more careers within their working lifespan. So, if you give them that fundamental education, they are able to think for themselves, make choices in life, and also understand that education doesn’t end at graduation, it’s a lifelong process.”

Technology As A Learning Tool

“We need online education because there are people who would want to learn in that way and we can go out into the countryside and bring education who can’t go to university so it will always supplement what we have in the classroom.

Professor Stephen C. Dunnett, Vice Provost, International Education, University at Buffalo, SUNY


Foresight Episode 1 

Defining Success

“I think success is enabling the kids and the young people to be their best selves that can be anything and if we try to put them in one box where they all have to fit the criteria and compete against each other, then I think there won’t be happiness for many of them."

“I truly feel that if you do something that you care about, if you feel that you are good at what you do then you are on the route to becoming successful.”

Dorte Bech Vizard, Ambassador of Denmark to Singapore


Foresight Episode 1

Preparing Students For The Real-World

“We prepare our students for the working life because when our students go into hotels, into restaurants they are going to confront the life customer straightaway and for us that quality, that ability to interact with people, that ability to solve problems on the go is much more than just about learning a skill.

“A chef can learn to cook and that’s a specific skill but he’s got to learn to work with 30 people in the kitchen time…these are things that we as trainers have to get right from the beginning because in work you don’t get a second chance… so it’s incumbent on us in whatever situation of education to prepare our students for life for the working life.”

Can Education Continue To Close The Equity Gap Between Passion, Purpose and Pay?

“I think it’s still the best path to a successful career and the best path to a higher salary because however much you look at the different choices, the more you learn about something, it could be many things, the more you educate yourself, the better you are going to be at life and the more chances you are going to have in life. So I always encourage people to go as far as you can in education.”

Loh Lik Peng, Owner/Director of Unlisted Collection

Posted online, 15 September 2017