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Foresight Episode 2

Foresight Episode 2

SIM’s Foresight is a five-part series that uncovers cutting-edge insights on education’s emerging trends and challenges and seeks to address the critical questions of today to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing landscape and meet the demands of tomorrow.

In episode two, the panellists discussed on the topic of: Thinking Big, Thinking Different- Embracing disruptive thinking and building educational diversity. Here are key points that they raised during the discussion.


Foresight Episode 2 - Bala

The Purpose and Relevance Of Change

“We must ask what would be the purpose of disruptive thinking in education, and what would be the gap in today’s education landscape that is preventing that disruptive thinking from taking place? One essential feature is that we need to create a culture of learning that promotes co-creation and identifying of problems for value-creation instead of focusing on problem-solving.”

Key Competencies and the Way to Build

"Standards-based curriculum has a place, but now we need to look at competencies and how you build that within the system. The business skills that are required in the corporate world such as co-creation, collaborative skills, visualisation and verbalisation - these are the things that are essential for one to be successfully navigating the industry as well as the working environment. These are the key elements that can be taught with a bit more purpose and intent.”

Balamurugan Krishnasamy, Principal, SIM International Academy

Foresight Episode 2 - sinnakaruppan

New Skills For A New Landscape

“Being exam smart in the yesteryears is very different from today’s world where you need to think on your feet and think differently. Creating innovation and enterprise requires a completely different mindset and skillset."

Changing With The Times

“Today, the world has moved from an industrial revolution to an internet revolution. The skills required are different. Timeframes to make something is short. Competition is keen, so a total new way of learning is absolutely necessary and I think education systems around the world, school systems around the world need to change.”

R Sinnakaruppan, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Education Academy (Asia Pacific)

Foresight Episode 2 - Low Sze Wee

Developing Critical Thinking

“We want the Gallery to be a place where your sense of curiousity is provoked, and we inspire you to think and do things more creatively in daily life.”

“This ability to articulate and form an opinion is extremely important in developing critical thinking skills. And that’s something that an encounter with art can bring to the corporate world.”

Low Sze Wee, Director (Curatorial, Collections and Education), National Gallery Singapore

Foresight Episode 2 - Thomas Wee

Thriving In The Corporate Environment

“When you talk about being able to think big, being able to think differently, it’s very important because a lot of whatever we are doing, whether it’s in industry or whether it’s in commerce…if somebody can come up with different ideas, whether they disrupt it, they innovate it, that’s what we’re looking for and that creates value for us. So if students have that ability or for that matter, if colleagues or employees have that ability, they will stand out.”

Thomas Wee, Chief Executive Officer, Nufin Data (JK Tech Group of Companies)

Posted online, 29 September 2017