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Foresight Episode 4

Foresight Episode 4

SIM’s Foresight is a five-part series that uncovers cutting-edge insights on education’s emerging trends and challenges and seeks to address the critical questions of today to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing landscape and meet the demands of tomorrow.

In episode four, the panellists discussed on the topic of: ‘Educating the Educators- To Rethink and Reimagine Education’. Here are key points that they raised during the discussion.


Foresight Episode 4 - Aaron

A Passion For Learning And Learners

“The role of the educator is to impart to students the process of learning. The educator has to help the students develop their thinking skills and to teach students to learn how to learn.

“To do that, an educator must have the passion for learning and a passion for his or her learners. Students are not machines and human interaction is very important. The heart of a true teacher is to have the passion for learning and to be able to empathise and connect with the students. Once you win their trust, then they will give you access to their minds. And then, you can go in there and start turning the lights on.”

Equipping Educators

“Through our formation of professional learning communities, we regularly equip them with a toolbox of technological and pedagogical competencies.

“Increasingly, we want to see our lecturers being able to find the right blend of technology and pedagogy to deliver a particular content for the most effective learning to take place.”

Dr Aaron Tan, Director, Teaching & Learning Division, SIM Global Education

Foresight Episode 4 - Grace

Creating Leaders Of Learning

“The truth is that it is scary for an educator to stand there and admit that he or she doesn’t know all the answers. Yet, this position should be taken because nobody really knows all the answers. There will probably be more knowledge in the room if the educator was a leader of learning instead.”

“There is room for private organisations to experiment. If the educators themselves start to experiment, then the rest of the ecosystem—the governments, industry players, education institutes will start to notice.”

JM Grace Lam, Executive Director SeraphCorp Institute

Foresight Episode 4 - Richard

Making Learning More Personal And Productive Through Technology

“We set up the Microsoft Educator Community to connect and enable educators around the world to create and share ideas, resources and best practices. While great technology can never replace great teaching, we also work with them to leverage technology to make learning more personal and productive.”

Richard Koh, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Singapore

Foresight Episode 4 - Ruma

Keeping Students Engaged And Excited

“Learning is a very individual and personalised experience, and so defining learning in the digital era is really about helping our educators define what a great digital student experience is.

“While students may not know exactly what they want to learn, most students we encounter know how they want to learn. That is key to keeping students engaged and excited about the ‘what’.”

Ruma Balasubramanian, Vice President, Enterprise Business & Digital Transformation Asia Pacific & Japan, Cisco

Posted online, 06 October 2017