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SIM Platform E Launches New Scholarships To Disrupt Local Industries

Platform E, SIM’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, has launched a new Industry Scholarship programme for entrepreneurial individuals and companies looking to disrupt their respective industries.

For a start, two local firms MEDS Technologies and Providence Solutions have come on board to co-sponsor aspiring entrepreneurs to create new business opportunities in the urban farming and human resource industries. The scholarships are valued at $10,000 and are subsidised equally between Platform E and the sponsoring company.

MEDs Technologies is looking for two individuals to work with IOT (internet of things) technology in the areas of urban agriculture and fish farming. The chosen applicants will make use of IOT devices to monitor and measure growth patterns, apply data analytics to develop growth profiles and create a new business for IOT in urban and fish farming.

Providence Solutions is also sponsoring two scholarships for individuals to develop a new business platform to address the challenge of matching talent to corporate roles.

Successful applicants for the scholarships will go through the IntensE Industry track, a sub-programme of Platform E’s flagship entrepreneurship programme – the IntensE track. To further aid their efforts, they will be empowered with additional resources, guidance and knowledge from the sponsoring company.

Interested applicants can apply through the Platform E website,

Questions can be directed to the Platform E team at

SIM Platform E launches new scholarships to disrupt local industries

Article extracted from - 14 November 2017