Resources for Teaching and Learning

Betty Kan-Sekine

Posted date: Thu Jun 30 08:00:00 SGT 2016 Thu Jun 30 08:00:00 SGT 2016

Molding Future Leaders

A student once shared; “Parents raise us but teachers raise our mind.” This seemingly simple statement has since profoundly impacted the way I perceive my role as an educator. Being in a position to influence students’ thinking, behavior and, most of all, their desire to be future ready, is a noble cause that has become my personal career mission.


Janice Lee

Posted date: Mon Aug 26 16:50:00 SGT 2013 Mon Aug 26 16:50:00 SGT 2013

My Teaching Style

It is important that students are clear about their objectives in attending the class so that they are motivated to learn and work towards their goals. Having the right attitude is critical in learning. They will then be inspired to excel and not simply getting a pass in the subject. I will always state my expectations clearly during my first lesson and remind them in subsequent lessons to encourage them and to remain focused.


Dr Syed Mansoor Jaffar

Posted date: Mon Aug 26 16:45:00 SGT 2013 Mon Aug 26 16:45:00 SGT 2013

Motivation: Rules of Engagement

This paper focuses on the meaning of motivation and how motivation as a pedagogical device engages the student.